Welcoming words

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Welcoming words

Post  Climax on Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:04 pm

Welcome to UWF,

you are now part of the Universal Wrestling Federation and will play in the big leagues.
I hope you will enjoy your time here and maybe will stay with this federation for a long time.

I am Climax, your General Manager and I will try to do my best to fill the arena with wonderful shows.
Therefore I would like you to participate in roleplays and to be creative in creating feuds and rivaleries.
But please keep it real and don't exaggerate your roleplays.

I have managed to write a guideline how to roleplay which I consider to be followed by you. That will make it much easier for you to participate in roleplays and much easier for my VGM's and me to put your roleplays into the show.

Current Stuff:

GM: Climax
VGM: Danny Dreamboat
VGM: Jammu
VGM: The Gingerbread Maniac
VGM: Zack Morris
VGM: Ninja
Graphic Designer: Jammu
Commentators: Jeff (mean) and Kyle (professional)
Interviewer: Elena

Show times:

UWF: Sunday 20:00h

FLW: Wednesday 21:00h

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