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Post  creamcheesey1 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:54 pm

Name: Joe Wilkerson

Face/Heel: Face

Height/Weight/Age: 6 ft 2 in/230 lb./19

Physcial Appearance (clothes): Casual clothes; T-shirt and Jeans

Nicknames: Cheesecake; Creamcheesey

Taunts: Hunger Calls - Creamcheesey gets a bagel and a packet of cream cheese out of his pocket, puts the cream cheese on the bagel, and eats the bagel

Springboard cheese 'n salt (Springboard Moonsault)
Cheese 'n salt (Moonsault)
Modified Shuffle Side Kick

Finishers: Cream Cheeser - Creamcheesey gets out packets of cream cheese and stuffs them inside the opponent's mouth.

Joe Wilkerson was just, as you could say, an average everyday guy. He had a home, had a job as a cashier at a local gas station, and he went to college. Oh, I also forgot to mention, he had a slight addiction. He loved cream cheese. Whenever he had the chance, he put cream cheese on anything he found edible, and, well, devoured it. One day he and his friends went to a cheese convention. The convention was going swell, until one of Joe's friends accidentally spilled melted butter on a buff-looking man. The man started to attack Joe's friend, and Joe instinctively picked up some cream cheese from a stand and charged at the assaulter at full speed. Right as the assaulter looked up, he got the bar of frozen cream cheese stuffed in his mouth. The assaulter tried to get the bar of cream cheese out of his mouth in order to get some air into his system, but just couldn't, resulting him in passing out seconds later. After that, Joe got in over his head deciding that he could make a difference in the wrestling world, taking out others with his willpower and, well, of course his cream cheese. Joe, taking up the wrestling name of "Creamcheesey", has been wrestling for one year now, and has decided to take it to the next level, by signing a contract into a federation called "Universal Wrestling Federation".


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