Top 10 common mistakes in RPs

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Top 10 common mistakes in RPs

Post  Ninja on Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:22 am

Hi everyone.
Here is a list of more or less common linguistic mistakes that appear in our RPs from time to time. Please don't consider this a criticism. I'm posting these to raise awareness and, ultimately, make our shows better.
Feel free to comment, or add, or ask questions.


1. Make sure you make full stops/periods after sentences. Don't combine two sentences with a comma.
Elena: "I am standing with Hunk Masters, Hunk, you are about to face Dirty Elliot tonight, Do you have anything to say?"
Elena: "I am standing with Hunk Masters. Hunk, you are about to face Dirty Elliot tonight. Do you have anything to say?"

2. The word "crowd" is singular. Refer to them as a single entity.
Wrong: "The crowd are going wild."
Correct: "The crowd is going wild."

3. All RPs should be in present tense, as it describes actions which happen or which are seen on the show at that very moment.
Wrong: "Music played over the speaker system. John Doe appeared on stage."
Correct: "Music plays over the speaker system. John Doe appears on stage."

4. their, they're, there
These are three different words ("they're" is actually two words). Try to use the correct one.
"their" is possessive/genitive, as in "this is their house."
"they're" is short for "they are", as in "They're late for the show."
"there" is directional ("let's go there.") but is also used for the existence of something, e.g., "There is free beer at the show."
More examples:
Wrong: "This is none of there business."
Correct: "This is none of their business."
Wrong: "the best their is"
Correct: "the best there is"
Wrong: "there leaving the arena"
Correct: "they're leaving the arena"

5. E vs. A
Wrong: "tournement", "opponant", "messege"
Correct: "tournament", "opponent", "message"

6. then vs. than
"then" is used for actions that follow, e.g., "he looks at the crowd, then enters the ring"
"than" is used in comparisons, e.g., "it's easier to challenge than to defend"

7. Apostrophee
Don't forget the apostrophee.
Wrong: "dont say that"
Correct: "don't say that"
Wrong: "he wont accept it"
Correct: "he won't accept it"

8. Names
Some names seem to "attract" typos.
Wrong: "Dragonstien", "The Gingerbread Manianc" or "The Gingbread Maniac"
Correct: "DragonStein", "The Gingerbread Maniac"

9. Capitalization
Only words at the beginning of a sentence and names are capitalized. We also capitalize trademark and finishing wrestling moves that have their own names, e.g., "He hits him with a Fire Spin.". Or names of titles, e.g., "he holds the Universal Championship belt".
Wrong: "Well guys and Girls"
Correct: "Well, guys and girls"
Wrong: "The Crowd goes wild"
Correct: "The crowd goes wild"

10. Comma
Use a comma when you address others with their names.
Wrong: "Is that an offical challenge Hunk?"
Correct: "Is that an official challenge, Hunk?"
Wrong: "Danny let's go."
Correct: "Danny, let's go."

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