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Post  Storm on Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:16 am

Name: “Unknown”, goes by Stormkrow
Face or Heel: Heel
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 265 lbs
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Physical Appearance:
Hair-Brown and Spiky
Clothing: Wears black trunks or jeans with a simple white button up shirt.
Tattoos: Various tattoos and glyphs on his chest and arms.

Gimmick: Lone rider, Stormkrow walks the road alone, but will join groups for convenience or for an advantage. He doesn’t fight fair nor expects his opponents too, so brass knuckles are always kept close at hand just in case. He will walk over, knock down or hurt who ever he has to, to accomplish his goals.

Nicknames: “Storm”, “The Red Baron”

Catchphrases: "Everyone is a potential enemy.” - “I take titles, not prisoners.” - “I’m a generous man; I give blood, sweat and tears, but I kept faith only in myself.”

Taunts: Foreboding

Trademarks: Devil's Corkscrew

Finisher Descriptions:
Both Finishers start with Stormkrow hitting them with Brass Knuckles.

1. Norsemen's Noose – submission hold with a scissors lock around head and left arm while twisting left arm.
2. Bloody Red Baron – Removed/Deleted

Stormkrow never knew his parents, he grew up on the streets and after getting into a few fights he started training and working at a mix martial arts school at the age of nine. While this kept him away from the gangs, he still had to survive in the rougher parts of town so the odd fight on the way home wasn’t unusual, but after a while the gangs stopped bother him as he became less of an easy target to become the toughest kid on the block.

Living a simple life until he was noticed at a mix martial arts tournament by a professional Mexican wrestler who encouraged him to take up wrestling as he claimed Stormkrow already had most of the tools needed to be a successful wrestler, and his nickname wasn’t bad either.

For the next couple of years he traveled and trained with the wrestler and learned everything he could about the business. Then one night Stormkrow went back to his room to find a note on his door from his wrestling mentor:

Sorry I missed you Storm,

I just found out my mother is ill and I’m hanging up my wrestling boots for a year or so to look after her. You’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years, you have more than you need to succeed at this business and it’s time you took your first steps on your own.

I contacted an old promoter friend of mine and told him about you, he’s interested in you joining his roster; his names Climax. I told him you’d be great one day, make me proud.

El Gallo Giro


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