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Post  Henlar on Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:42 pm

Name: Henlar

Face or Heel: Face

Height: 6ft 6in

Weight: 274lbs

Hometown: Santiago,Chile

Physical Appearance: He has a black Martial arts suit, red gloves and a red haired-band.
He has some scars in his body and one in his face due to his days of street fights.
He has brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Description of gimmick: After what happen in his past, he just wants to fight and show to the world the strength of his fighting spirit and of course have revenge for his fallen brothers. Along with his trainer Martin Vargas, he will give it all to show the strength that he has inside.

He is a self-confident guy who is 28 years old that sometimes prefer to say just what it’s needed to say, no more no less.

Nicknames: ‘’The Chilean wrestler’’

Catchphrases: ‘I am as powerful as an earthquake”

-Rest time
-Time over

Trademarks Moves:
-Breaker samoan drop
-Breaker twist
-Knee breaker

Finisher Descriptions:
-Final takeover:Henlar lifts the opponent by his neck
and slams him on the mat covering his body with a pinfal executing a devastating Final takeover.

-Max quake:Henlar jumps to the shoulders of the opponent
and take the head of the opponent with his legs taking him down and making a submission to the opponent's head with his legs executing a devastating Max quake.

-Max out:Henlar lifts the opponent by his neck
and throw the opponent's body to the other side of the ring making him slams the mat with great violence executing a devastating Max out.

When He had 16 he had a gang been the leader of it. They were not robbers or thieves they were streets fighters. Any other gang that got on their way was beaten and knocked out of the way. When he had 17 years old, an old man came to him telling him to stop and don’t fight anymore. Henlar (his fighter name) tried to punch this man and the old man knocked Henlar down. The name of this old man was Martin Vargas a famous boxer in Chile, he offer Henlar to train him so he could abandon the streets. Henlar didn’t agree immediately but he thought about his current life and at the end he accepted. Then he learned some humility and discipline, and that fight is not only fun but also a lifestyle.

Months later a close friend told him that, since he left the gang the problems had not ended and that soon his friends of the gang were going to have a meeting with another gang, that gang’s name was the American killers a dangerous gang there in Chile. Henlar went to the meeting but it was to late all his friends were dead.

Since then Henlar had investigated who those people were, he had not find names but he discovered that some of those guys were wrestlers, his objective is to find those guys and have revenge.

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