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Post  rautje on Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:47 am

Name: Rautje
Height: 1,98 m
Weight: 97 kg
Nationality: Belgium
Town: Brugges
Destroyer Submission
Modified Sunset Flip Bomb
Rautjes jumping drop
Rautjes swanton bomb
Cop Choy
Rautjes Taunt


3rd Lvl Champion:
4th Lvl Champion:
5th Lvl Champion:
5th Sub Lvl Champion:
6th Sub Lvl Champion:
7th Sub Lvl Champion:
7th Lvl Champion:
8th Lvl Champion:
8th Sub Lvl Champion:
9th Sub Lvl Champion:
9th Lvl Champion:
Fly Weight WG
Fly Weight WG LMS
Fly Weight WG FB
Fly Weight WG


Rautje grow up in Brugges where he trained in the Professional Wrestling School of Belgium. He was always the best of his age and when he won a tournement, he won a 5 year stay at a Wrestling School in Miami. He became there a very solid wrestler and he is now traying to climb up the ladder of professional wrestling.


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