CJ Styles Bio

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CJ Styles Bio

Post  C.J. Styles on Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:05 pm

Name: CJ Styles

Face or Heel: Heel



Hometown: Mountrath, Ireland

Physical Appearance: Athletic build. He has a mid cut blond hair style which is styled with gel. He wears a pair of jeans, White trainers and a blue hooded jumper.

Nicknames: CJ "Money" Styles

Catchphrases: "Game Over"

Taunts: Styles Shot

Trademarks Moves:Styles Driver and Money Shot

Finishers: CJ Game Over and CJ Smash

Titles Held: 1 time UWF Tag Team Champions (current)
17/10/10 - Present

Managers: Tyson Styles

Backstory: He started wrestling on the indie circuit before being spotted by UWF GM Climax who quickly signed him.. He started as a cocky know it all but quickly became a fan favourite.. Money became to much for him leading to a heel turn. He is a genius on the microphone and cuts unbelievable promos. Many refer to him as one of the most dedicated rising stars in the sport.
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